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Specialised Foundation Course
The course will include discussions on:

Neurological Conditions and how they affect learning.

The 7 most important steps of successful teaching and learning.

Neurological Conditions and related health problems.

How to prevent related health problems. Basic every day commonsense solutions.

Secondary, hidden affects of Neurological conditions.

How to support teaching staff to follow simple steps to ensure pupils progress and psychological well being.

How to provide dynamic education that will address all pupils learning and rounded development needs.

Preparing the school community for integration.

Behaviour management strategies. How to be a skilled facilitator.

Curriculum analysis. Creating achievable realistic stages.

Supporting Parents in mainstream schools.

Advanced communication skills with parents.

Intended audience:
This specialised Foundation Course is ideal for head-teachers, teachers, teacher advisors, special needs co-ordinators, learning support assistants and support staff.
No specific pre-requisite required.

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