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Conductive Education Retreat in the New Forest for individuals with Parkinson's
An invitation for allowing yourself to become more, while taking steps towards creating your individual masterpiece of life.
Would you like to come to the New Forest for a 4 day of challenge and rejuvenation, to deliberately reshape your daily experience of life?
The Conductive Education Programme will take place in the mornings and will prepare you to fully enjoy the rest of the day. You will be able to experience the difference in your wellbeing when you start your day as Professor Pető intended when designed the programmes specifically for individuals with Parkinson’s.
I am inviting you to participate and enjoy this programme, but most importantly, use it!
In order to attain the well-being that you desire and deserve you must wave the philosophy and the practise you will learn during this retreat into the fabric of your everyday life.
Intended audience:
Individuals with Parkinson's
Our programme enables individuals to manage the symptoms of Parkinson's by learning fundamental strategies to implement in their daily lives.
Initial Consultation prior attending the course.

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